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Cavendish racing in his new outfit developed by Le Col for Bahrain Breguet Replica.

What are the secrets of your bike's setup? You haven't adopted the trend for small chain rings...

The bike has lasted longer than it did in the past few years. All I can say is that! Sorry!

Rod Ellingworth was there when you won the World Championship. You have a long,Breguet Replica amazing relationship with him. What is the strength of your relationship with Bahrain-Breguet Replica?

Rod is a hard worker. He is the leader of the team but he will also be the one to roll up his sleeves and move tables, say, in a dining hall.

He is able to communicate the same message to different people, in a constructive way.

Cavendish continues to ride with a broken blade after a terrible crash in the final sprint stage of the Tour de France 2017.

Breitling Avenger Replica must have been subjected to a lot of abuse and shocks. How did it perform under this pressure?

It's been through some rough and tough encounters on the tarmac! The only thing that stresses me out is when the strap gets dirty after racing in bad weather and I have to clean it afterwards!

What would you consider the most important criteria if you were to work with Richard on the design of a new watch? What are the most important criteria for a watch? Would it be lightweight, comfortable, shock resistant, aerodynamics, or just cool as hell. Could it be Cavendish Green Quartz TPT for the Sprinter's Jersey?

You've got my attention! Hmmm. He's already covered the points of performance above... Haha.

Cavendish wearing the RM 011 during his Tour de France 2016 performance.

What is your relationship to Patek Philippe Complications Replica, the man?

Richard is warm, friendly and open to everyone. He will message you just to see how you're doing. He has a lot of heart. The company is one big family. This is reflected at the top. It is a great pleasure to be able to say that I have real friends in the company. Richard is not the only one.

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