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The chronograph second hand begins to rotate around the dial when the chronograph is turned on. It drives a minute counter which, in turn, drives an hour clock (Roger Dubuis Replica). This means that on the dial of a clock, all the information is activated when the chronograph is started. You can read the seconds and fractions by stopping the watch and checking where the large seconds hand is in relation to the smaller divisions. Minute counters, also known as totalizers, will add up the minutes. You get the idea. You have a stopwatch in your watch.

What if you are a racecar or horse driver, or a dissolute aristocratic gambling and want to check the lap time without changing the overall timing of the race? You're out of luck unless you have a separate stopwatch. The Split Seconds Chronograph has a button that is either integrated into the crown or a pusher located on the left-hand side of the watch case. Want to record your lap time? You'll be surprised to see that what you thought was one chronograph second hand is actually running two hands together when you hit this button! Suddenly, they will split apart as Jean Claude Van Damme’s legs are caught between two semis. The split second hand will stop so that you can record your lap time, while the chronograph's seconds hand continues to move. The hands will jump together again without a miss. This action is one of the most visually stunning in watchmaking and gives this complication it's evocative Gallic name "Rattrapante", or "to catch up."

You should know that setting up a traditional rattrapante can be a very difficult task. It's hard to set up a traditional rattrapante. The split seconds chronograph, which is a watch that can play the time on demand musically, is often referred to as the hardest complication. These watches are extremely rare, with only a few companies producing them. The most famous is Venus. Vintage Rolex with split seconds chronographs? You will have to pay 3 million dollars. Patek Philippes with this feature start at $300,000. They were incredibly expensive. Roger Dubuis Replica began to explore the idea in the late 1980s of making the world's most reliable, bulletproof, user-friendly, and affordable split seconds chronograph.

Roger Dubuis Replica has always tried to make the most traditional complications more functional while keeping the cost down. This was achieved with the fully synchronized perpetual clock designed by Kurt Klaus. It also did it with its modular minute-repeater mechanism and its mysterious tourbillon. Kurt Klaus,Blancpain Replica Watches former technical director of the brand, Revolution Hall of Famer, and watchmaking god, says, "Roger Dubuis Replica has always pursued functional innovation." Split seconds chronographs are incredibly complex, but they used to require a lot of fine tuning and were fragile.

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